Oscar - the interrupted portrait

I felt that my two paintings of Oscar were incomplete without a third painting capturing Oscar the winner, the one who made it his personal ambition to change the world around him. In December 2012, we met again to start a new painting. This time I didn't wanted to include his blades - it seemed that this part of him wasn't that important anymore. I wanted to capture the hero he had become.

I had started my painting, sketching in the important features when I heard the terrible news that has now spread around the world. I was paralysed both by the news and by the fact that the story I wanted to tell wasn't any longer the same story.

I spent a great deal of time thinking, being unable to paint. I couldn't bring myself to paint another stroke. The painting became frozen at the exact moment everything changed - just a start of his face and arms - the human part - and nothing else.


Oil on canvas

85 x 100 cm


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