The Blade Runner


In 2009 I was researching a sports related project and devoting a large portion of my research time to watching athletes competing - on television and at local events. One athlete struck such a chord with me that having watched him run, I simply had to find out more about him.

That first image of Oscar Pistorius running has stayed with me ever since – I didn’t quite understand what I was seeing at the time but I was so struck by his presence that I became completely captured by his story, one of an almost unbelievable human achievement.

In brief, here was a man born without legs, who became an international athlete, running and winning against full bodied athletes on an even basis. Being a story teller, I felt the need to portray this outstanding man; he represents something so real, the intrinsic essence of the human condition – achievement – the will and ability to succeed.

When I asked Oscar how he wanted to be remembered, he answered “as an athlete”.


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Oil on canvas

110 x 170 cm


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