My Life as a Dog

my life as a dog

For some of my paintings, I use titles that refer to popular culture such as films, books and other media. By removing the original context, I make well-known statements resonate differently.

In this work, I refer to the title of the film evoking the bittersweet struggles and joys of childhood juxtaposed with what is a grim reality of adolescence for many children, especially girls – the issue of eating disorders.

Every time I am drawn to work with complicated issues, I am very clear that I´m not here to give answers; I am merely trying to reflect on the difficult questions - many of which may not have answers.

However, it is quite evident that the pursuit of thinness that young girls aspire to is here because of the cultural pressures that give the message that ‘thin is beautiful’.

This message to be thin is communicated to children from many sources, and it seems to say that being thin and extraordinary looking will solve all of life´s problems and bring success and happiness.  However, the other message that children receive from the media and advertising is that food tastes great at any time and any place.  

Food is easily accessible, yet has to be denied. These mixed messages must have an enormously conflicting effect, making dieting the focus of the adolescent girl´s life, distracting her from pain, loneliness and insecurity and providing her with a sense of meaning and purpose.


Oil on canvas

110 x 110cm


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