Sophie H

The intention behind these child portraits is that each child should receive their respective painting as a part of their future inheritance. However until that time the paintings will be in their parents’ possession in the family house, so they have been painted as a triptych. When placed together side by side, the paintings appear as one scene; taken apart, they work as a separate piece.

As a background I choose an imaginary, verging on a fantastical garden - the children appear in their chairs between the real and imaginary world.  The children picked their favourite toy (with the definite exclusion of iPads) and chose what to wear.

Although the children are very young, they already have very clearly defined personalities and preferences. Sophie, who is really the boss of the siblings, insisted on wearing a ballerina skirt and pink football shoes, which reflected very well her unique ability to be very bossy and incredibly sweet at the same time.

Victor, the oldest child, always wants to do thing right, to be reasonable, to be kind to his younger siblings and also to please others.

Harald, the middle child, does everything his own way, but he always finds a plausible explanation or excuse for his actions. There was a moment when he couldn´t decide whether to choose a book or his favourite puppy to be painted with.  After some thought, the puppy was discarded as being a “little baby toy”, only to be picked up minutes later because he couldn´t really sleep well without it. For me, that little moment told me so much about him.


Oil on canvas

70 x 90cm


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