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Poets & Artists - 

8 July 2023

"I have been contemplating this strange portrait for several years now. It operates at multiple levels, each deepening the others to complete the statement of the painting overall.

First let’s examine the painting as a story: A woman and her four sons, lit by soft frontal portrait light, stand outside against a fading evening sky, the peach horizon visible at the edges of the composition.

It is possible to impute traces of a narrative to this family. The sons are of at least two distinct ethnicities. Therefore there are at least two fathers involved. And yet, no fathers appear in the family portrait. For the purpose of the story Holland is telling, the fathers are absent from the family. This yields a matriarch and her sons."

The Guide Artists - 

December 2020, Issue 40

"The power of a Great Story has always triggered my imagination. Fascinating narratives and alluring anecdotes come my way through multiple sources—books, films, individual accounts, and life itself…


...The world we live in may be the same for all of us, but our experiences, decisions, and feelings are unique to each individual. While my art is understandable at first glance, my ultimate goal is to make the viewer think in ways they never expected to...

... Majority of my work is created out of curiosity. My focus is female figure: either straight forward portraits or the issues concerning women’s lives in our society that either attract me or provoke me. As an example, one of those issues is the attitude towards female nudity... 


... the real issue behind the public debate on nudity is the female body itself. Personally, I am baffled that in 21st century that takes precedence over contributions of women to the society. In my opinion, the most important part of the human body, male or female, nude or not, is the head - the human mind."

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