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Every summer I am holding a Portrait Painting workshop in Kragerø, Norway.


In this 5-day workshop, students learn how to create a self-portrait from start to finish. We are painting from life, using a mirror.


In the process, students will learn how to:

  • choose the right support, oil paints and brushes

  • develop a preparatory drawing and underpainting

  • work from larger abstract form towards fine details

  • control of values, colour and edges

  • evaluate the progress at every stage, correct the mistakes and turn weaknesses into strengths


The workshop takes place in Kaaber’s Hus, a fully equipped studio of my artist friend Karoline Kaaber, who is also our host and organiser. The course is limited to maximum 10 people in order for all to work comfortably, and therefore the sought after workshop is usually held for two consecutive weeks in August.


Although the course is primarily created for Norwegian-speaking students, English-speaking students are most welcome to apply.


For general enquires about the course please contact me on


For booking please address Karoline on

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