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MIMESIS - Representational Art 2023 21 April - 25 June MEAM, BARCELONA


I am delighted to announce that I have been invited to exhibit in this curated exhibition with my latest work ‘Apple of My Eye’.

"This exhibition aims to give visibility to the skill and creativity of contemporary artists who are pushing the boundaries of traditional representational art as well as discovering current artistic styles and techniques, through works that reflect diverse perspectives and styles, and the exploration of new themes that explore the beauty and the relevance of the human experience.


It will feature a careful selection of the most outstanding artists in contemporary representational art. Artists who are leading the way today, not only because they are the forerunners of this artistic movement on an international level, but also because they have their roots in the pictorial tradition with the aim of seeking a new language of art for our time.”

International Portrait Competition - ModPortrait


June 5th, 2020 

(Postponed  until further notice)

“Great news as ‘Against Straight Lines’ has won the 1st prize and first place in the international portrait competition ModPortrait.


The jury for the 2020 competition are: the director of ModPortrait and Galleria Artelibre José Enrique Gonzales, the director of Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) José Manuel Infiesta, artists José-Louis Corella, Aurelio Rodrigues and Antonio Lopez.


The award ceremony is  scheduled for June 5th at Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona. 


Postponed until further notice due to the Covid19 pandemic lockdown.”

Against Straight Lines, Oil on Aluminium Board, 60x50 cm,


‘20x20’, Galleria Artelibre


March 7th - April 5th, 2019

Celebrating the 20th anniversary, Galleria Artelibre presenting a largest collection of small works by international realist artists.

‘20x20’, Galleria Artelibre, Zaragoza, Spain, Sala Bantierra, C/Coso 29

The Heart, Oil on Board, 20x20 cm


Painting Today, Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), Barcelona, Spain


March 8th- May 15th 2019


The exhibition presents works of international women artists to mark International Women’s Day.

Painting Today, Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), Barcelona, Spain, Museu Europeu d’Art Modern, Carrer Barra de Ferro 5

Mama’s House, Oil on Dibond, 60x60 cm


International Guild of Realism juried Winter Salon Exhibition

March 20th - May 20th, 2019


This online juried exhibition is for The International Guild of Realism (IGOR) members only, with the aim to expose member artists to wider market of serious art collectors.

Visit IGOR's website here for more details:

Blue Angel, Oil on Dibond, 75x55 cm


ModPortrait, Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), Barcelona, Spain


May 31st - July 5th 2019


Museu Europeu d’Art Modern, Carrer Barra de Ferro 5

Lorena, Oil on board, 45x35 cm

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