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Figurativas 2023, International Painting & Sculpture Competition 


I am delighted to share that my work “Apple of My Eye” has been selected as the finalist at the 2023 Figurativas Painting&Sculpture Competition. 


This  international biannual contest is one of the most prestigious art competitions at the contemporary art scene. The coveted contest is notoriously tough to enter, and I am therefore honoured to be chosen as the finalist. 


My sincere gratitude to the jury Antonio López, Jeremy Mann, Guillermo Lorca, Emma Hopkins, Arantzazu Martinez, Jordi Diaz Alamà, Zoey Frank, Soey Milk, Hongbing Zhang, Grzegorz Gwiazda, Silvia Juez linares, Maudy Brady, Eudald De Juana -and the director of MEAM Josè Enrique Gonzàlez. 


The exhibition and the Award Ceremony  that  will take place on October 6th at European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), Barcelona. 

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